Japanology Video Showing 19/02/2014

We are showing Japanology video on coming Wednesday, the 19th February, for the second time this year!

We will show an episode from a popular TV programme broadcast in English, Begin Japanology, featuring various unique cultures in Japan. This time, it is about makeup!

If you want to know secrets of pretty Japanese girls and also BOYS, you should definitely come along!

Admission is FREE for both members and non-members!

[Japanology video Showing]
Time: 18:10-18:40
Topic: Make-up
Venue: 02 / 1039 (Management Building) Highfield Campus
Map: http://www.soton.ac.uk/about/campusmaps/highfieldmap.html
Directions: Management building is located near the highfield interchange. There is a path from the interchange to the main entrance of Building 2.

Here is two warm up video for you to see the

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magic of Japanese make-up

Looking forward to seeing you all there!