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Language Session No.2 19th Oct 2016

Hello, everyone!

We’re really excited to announce the next language session is coming soon!
The subject is ‘Be sentences’, such as “I am~” “you are~” “they are~” and so on.
Our lessons are designed for beginners but any leveled Japanese learners are welcome!

Date: Wednesday 19th October 2016

Time: 6pm – 7pm

Location: Building 54 Room 8033 (8B) (Highfield campus) *Not the same as the previous venue!

Please note that membership is required to attend this session. If you haven’t got one yet, you will be able to purchase it at this session. A membership costs 4 pounds with 3 years validity. Also, our membership is available to only the members of the Union Southampton. If you are not a student at the University of Southampton, please show us your membership card of the Union when you purchase. You can see the information on the Union membership at:

The details of the membership:

Membership & Terms and Conditions
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us :)

Satomi (President) on behalf of Shiori (Language lecturer)

Language Session 13 19/02/2014

The next language session is coming up on Wednesday, the 19th February!

In this session, you will continue learning the usage of verbs conjugations and auxiliary verbs, covering negative  (“do not…”) and order (“Please…”) forms of verbs.  The idea is the same as the previous class. Even if you had difficulty or missed the previous sessions, or you just want some more practice, just come along!

This session will take place at the lecture room 2209 in Building 85 on Highfield Campus, 5.00 -6.00 PM.
PLEASE NOTE that we will be in the room next to the one we usually use!

See you all on Wednesday!

Language Session 16/10/2013

We are very excited to announce you that the first Japanese language session of the year is coming up on the Wednesday, 16th October!

In this first session, you will be introduced to basic Japanese,

starting with how to read Hiragana and Katakana as well as some basic phrases such as “Hajimemashite” – it means “Nice to meet you!”

It is an amazing opportunity for complete beginners to kick off learning Japanese and for intermediate learners to revise the basic materials with Japanese native speakers!

There is NO minimum requirement for your level of language.

Any members interested in learning Japanese are welcome!

Membership is required to attend the session. Haven’t got one yet? The membership costs you only 3 pounds for 3 years. The fee includes a member card, access to the Japanese library and free entrance to the cultural event we hold later in the year.

This language session will be held at the lecture room 2207 in Building 85 on Highfield Campus, 5.00 – 6.00 PM .

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get together and learn Japanese!