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Update in membership and its terms and conditions

Hello, everyone.

We have a very important update in our membership and its terms and conditions.

Changes made are:
1. The membership is available to any full-time students studying the University of Southampton and life, temporary, associate members of the Union Southampton. It used to be available to everyone, however, we allow only those who are covered by the Union insurance to apply for the membership in order to ensure their safety and wellbeing because SUJaS is a society affiliated to the Union Southampton. *For information on the membership of the Union Southampton, please look at About Membership of the Union Southampton page.

2. The membership fee is £4 for 3 years from Sep 2016. It is harder to sustain our finance without raising the membership fee due to more difficulty in receiving the fund from the Union.

3. Access to our Japanese library is excluded from the entitlement. We closed our Japanese library for the administration reasons. *Please contact us and return our resources (books, DVDs or CDs) to us as soon as possible if you still hold them. (

4. Articles regarding health & safety and privacy & data protection are added to the terms and conditions.
Please check details on membership and terms and conditions pages.

Apology for any inconvenience caused by this change and thank you for your understanding.